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The TUDiki Shower
Oct 12, 2019, 1:00 PM
The Venue, 23 Kenny Road, Avondale Harare


Forget everything you know about baby showers because this event is unlike anything you have ever experienced. TUDiki is proud to present...The Mother of all Baby Showers.


The TUDiki Shower will make your parenting journey easier by providing a multitude of products and services available in Zim to hopeful, new  & expecting parents, parents of toddlers, and grandparents. This is a unique adults-only event is full of resources, support and education from our local experts and brands. New and expectant parents who attend are showered, educated and entertained all under one roof. Our event offers amazing deals on products and services, plus lots of food and entertainment, photo shoots, and mini spa sessions - coz you deserve it!


It can be tough to find great advice and information on pregnancy & parenting in Zim, so we’re taking away the guesswork! The goal of The TUDiki Shower is simple: to source expert advice & essential parenting tips, together with the latest products and services related to pregnancy, babies, and toddlers, and bring them together under one roof to make you the best parent you can be.


In a nutshell, The TUDiki Shower is a parents’ day out. Of course, time is precious for parents and parents-to-be. We combine learning, laughing and leaving with the event ready and better equipped. We skip the baby talk and jump straight to real learning, offering attendees the opportunity to test out products, get insight from parenting experts, and build lifelong relationships with other parents. 


Katinka .jpg

I am an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant IBCLC. I accompany breastfeeding families in preparing to breastfeed, get breastfeeding off to a good start and address any breastfeeding challenges that have come up throughout the breastfeeding journey all the way up to weaning.


I offer Low Level Laser treatments for wound healing, tissue regeneration, inhibiting inflammation and for soothing pain. I use it successfully for sore nipples and wound healing of cesarian and others.

I offer a BiliBlanket Rental Service for home-based jaundice treatment.


Lactation Consultant IBCLC

Katinka Musavaya

My name is Dr Zanele Rusike, my younger patients know me as Dr Zah. I am a dental surgeon graduated with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery Degree at the University of Zimbabwe. I have a special interest in Paediatric Dentistry. Child oral health care is very important and special attention should be given earlier than most parents think. I help parents and their children achieve great oral health from a tender age.


Dr. Zanele Rusike


Hi there! My name is Jane Muhlwa -Wynne. Fondly known by clients as 'Aunty Jane' because of the patient centred approach which is the founding ethos of my hospital's vision. I am a midwife with over 35 years experience below the belt. I originally trained at Mpilo hospital in 1980 prior to taking up long-term employment post study at United Bulawayo Hospital (UBH). Sixteen years were spent in some leading hospitals in the United Kingdom, namely; Guys and St Thomas, Mayday, St Georges and Surrey to name a few. I also house a number of extended roles under my belt too and these are Hypnobirth, Waterbirth, Pregnancy Massage and Aromatherapy in pregnancy

+263 8644137947

Lead Midwife and Proprietor

Jane Muhlwa -Wynne


My name is Deirdre Karim and I am a La Leche League Leader. I first learnt about La Leche League in the early days of my breastfeeding journey when my daughter was born. The information and support I received was invaluable. I attended meetings which were always welcoming, informative and fun, and allowed mothers to share their experiences and encourage each other along their breastfeeding and mothering journeys. 

I became passionate about sharing information and passing on what I had received, and this is what prompted me to become a leader. 

La Leche League is an international voluntary organisation found in over 60 countries. Our mission is to help mothers worldwide to breastfeed through mother-to-mother support, encouragement, information, education, and to promote a better understanding of breastfeeding as an important element in the healthy development of the baby and mother.


La Leche League Leader

Deidre Karim


Hello, I am Jeanine and I will be sharing information relating to early childhood development and educational support. My educational background might seem somewhat out of place here amongst doctors, dentists and other pediatric and educational specialists.  I’m an architect by profession – or at least I was when I started my parenting journey.  But children have an amazing ability to lead us down roads we least expect to travel, and my children are no exception.  So although I am first and foremost a Mum, I am also an Integrated Learning Therapy (ILT) Practitioner (,  TLP Provider certified in TAVS (, and certified to offer Search and Teach ( In addition, I am part of the way through my second Master's degree ... this time in education.  Learning never stops, and sharing what matters is my passion! 


SmART Kids (Integrated Learning Therapy) Jeanine Sandall is a Certified ILT Practitioner and TLP Provider Tel: +263 (0)772 285331 / 496897

Certified ILT Practitioner

Jeanine Sandall


I am a Registered Dietician with the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare. I work with mothers, fathers and caregivers in varied nutrition related areas. Good Nutrition is very important in the first 1000days of life and it is my passion to help parents and caregivers know what and how to feed their children in those 1000days and beyond.

Registered Dietician

Molifia Manyasha


Heavenly Inc. opened its doors in 2014, founded by Thelma and Lisa Flynn. 

Our company has focused on bringing stability, order and safety to clients’ homes by offering their domestic employees the following courses: 

- House Cleaning.
- First Aid (in partnership with Ace)
- Childminding & Baby Food Cookery Course
- Real Food Heavenly Domestic Cookery Course (in partnership with Real Food) 
- Heavenly Inc. Cookery Course
- Gardeners Course 

At Heavenly Inc. we know that employees are capable at most duties in the workplace, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they have the full knowledge and understanding of the various processes that are required in this day and age.

That's where Heavenly Inc. comes in! 
We take the time to train each individual, share our knowledge of old and new techniques providing employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out their duties and tasks with confidence.

Domestic Training Course Instructor

Lisa Flynn


Heavenly Inc in partnership with Ace Ambulance will teach parents the ABCs of infant CPR. 


ACE has a hi-tech training academy providing real-life training scenarios with its ALS computerises full-size manikin. Our experienced medical instructors are fully certified to conduct Emergency care training for medical professionals, organisations that require this for Health & Safety Qualifications or for individuals who wish to learn first aid.

Training is tailor-made and may be conducted on your premises and attendees will be awarded a valid certificate upon the completion of the course.

CPR Coach ACE Ambulance 

David Green


Hi there! My name is Reppoh. An RGN with just over 17 years of experience. I trained at Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals in Harare. My expertise lays in a few domains including Feild and Maternal childcare, Immunisations, Child nutrition, Haemodyalisis and the care of dumped babies. In my wider role, I work with multi-disciplines in sourcing homes for the abandoned children. One part I enjoy is conducting Antenatal Classes as this allows for a better understanding of the whole journey to parenthood and beyond for our prospective mothers. I find it amazing what a difference it makes to the overall experience especially for first-time mothers who would otherwise be a bag of nerves when they don't know what to expect. Seeing them throughout their journey gives me a smile as it is evident that outcomes are often positive when the delivery day arrives.

Registered General Nurse

Mind Reppoh


Hi there! My name is Brenda, sometimes known as Christine. I am a passionate Nurse Aid going on 2 years experience. I trained at Destiny for Women Youth Empowerment and my area of expertise is Baby Weighing, Baby Bathing, Breastfeeding and Umbilical Cord Care. The part I enjoy the most about my job is providing support especially to new mothers who may need that little bit of assurance when the new baby arrives. It is overwhelmingly beautiful to see them progress during their short stay from being terrified to hurt or drop the baby to becoming confident naturals. I also enjoy playing a mini doula role when mothers are in labor. The cuddles and appreciation make coming to work a joy each time. For me, this is not a job but a calling.

Nurse Aid

Brenda Masedewe


What to expect when you're expecting

Hear ​​from our panel of experts from Prospect Palms Maternity Hospital on issues related to pregnancy, labor & delivery and what mum and dad should expect. 

shopping, games & prizes 

We have the best baby and kids vendors showcasing their products & services.

 Lots of shopping on site. 

All attendees get free giveaways and are entered into a raffle to win aweome prizes


Fact or fiction! Share your funny stories with us. 


Dispell all the myths on how, when and what to feed your child. Our nutritionists and lactation consultants will teach you the right way. 

Parenting & Health

This dicussion panel will feature the experts in raising a healthy child. Featured speakers include a pediatrician, early childhood development specialist, speech therapist and other experts. ​

Event Line Up


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Saturday 12 October 

1:00 pm



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